Products : Showers and Baths

MPS has access to over 300 Different bath and shower products.
With all that choice, making the right decision can be very challenging.

Longstanding experience, over 60 years, means that we understand this challenge. Our staff, work side by side with you to filter through all the possible options to find the right products just for you.

Come and experience the difference with 60 years of knowledge and quality service.

Aura 1600 Freestanding Bath
Size: 1580mm x 735mm x 560mm

Gemini Freestanding Bath
Size: 1750mm x 690mm x 680mm

Noir 1700 Freestanding Bath
Size: 1700mm x 850mm x 680mm

Whiterock Oval 1675 Freestanding Bath
Size: 1675mm x 723mm x 415mm

Double High Back Clawfoot Bath
Size: 1805mm x 750mm x 720mm

High back 1760 Clawfoot Bath
Size: 1760mm x 750mm x 735mm

Traditional 1680 Clawfoot Bath
Size: 1680mm x 755mm x 575mm

Cube 1800 Back to Wall Freestanding Bath
Size: 1750mm x 850mm x 572mm

Diablo Freestanding Bath
Size: 1740mm x 790mm x 580mm

Newbury 1675 Island Plus Inset Bath
Size: 1675mm x 760mm x 456mm

Shark 1675 Inset Bath
Size: 1675mm x 770mm x 400mm

Project 1675 Inset Bath
Size: 1675mm x 735mm x 415mm

Corsica (5 series) Bi-Fold shower screen

Flinders (Boston) pivot door shower screen

Flinders (Boston) fixed Shower Panel

Daintree (Carra) corner sliding doors shower screen

Daintree (Carra) curved sliding doors shower screen

Barossa (select) sliding door shower screen

Barossa (Pure) Pivot door shower screen

Flinders Ultralite™ (Ultra) shower base

Flinders Marblelite™ (Project) shower base

Barossa stainless steel grate shower base

Tile insert shower Tray

Standard shower wall liner

TCI Shower Channel Stainless Steel